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Alberto Reguera

Luminous Horizons

Mixed media on canvas


L. 101 cm x W. 151 cm x D. 7.5 cm

Collection of the artist





長101厘米 x 闊151厘米 x 深7.5厘米


The paintings respond to the depiction of moonlight breaking through the clouds in Van der Neer’s landscape. For Reguera, clouds are the centerpiece of landscape painting in both the Dutch tradition and traditional Chinese art. Reguera, who has exhibited widely in China, makes the following observation: Chinese artists begin from the concept that a cloud is a medial space between mountain and sky.


Great importance is attached to the concept of the void. The void has its place in the painting through the representation of the condensation of water droplets in the form of a mountain. It’s the idea of shan shui (water-mountain).

For traditional Chinese painters, a cloud can be a demiurge that establishes those balances, the harmonies they need to create space between, above, and below. Wang Wei, the Tang dynasty poet and painter, spoke of how clouds eventually give way to clarity, a blue aura from which clouds and storms can disappear.





Alberto Reguera

Floating Mountains

Mixed media on canvas


L. 61.6 cm x W. 91.5 cm x D. 7.5 cm

Collection of the artist





長61.6厘米 x 闊91.5厘米 x 深7.5厘米


Clouds are constantly in transition, and each moment is distinct since the clouds are always being formed and transformed. This is why clouds often represent time. After the Dutch, clouds became a primary feature of nineteenth-century landscape painting from the Romantics to the Impressionists. The sweeping compositions give the impression that the clouds are leaping from the canvas; they progressively build a horizontal sequence that reveals a story about the natural world.


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