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Dazzled by the twilight of seventeenth-century painter Aert van der Neer’s Moonlit Landscape with a Road beside a Canal (1645–50), contemporary Spanish artist Alberto Reguera created twenty-three paintings as an homage to the celebrated artist of the Dutch Golden Age. Each of Reguera’s paintings display an in-depth study of the representation of light and sky in the European tradition, while engaging in a dialogue with Van der Neer’s Moonlit Landscape.




NEER, Aert van der_Claro de luna con un camino bordeando un canal_299 (1931.3)_INTER#GEXTE

Aert van der Neer (1603–77) 

Moonlit Landscape with a Road beside a Canal

Oil on panel

ca. 1645–50

L. 35.6 cm x W. 65.6 cm

Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, inv. 299 (1931.3)

阿爾特·范 · 德·尼爾(1603–77年)




長35.6厘米 x 闊65.6厘米

提森-博內米薩國家博物館, 馬德里,

編號: 299 (1931.3)

The works of Aert van der Neer (1603–77) exemplify the naturalistic renderings that are seen as being one of the hallmarks of Dutch painting. Dating to the most productive period of the artist’s life (1640–60), aspects of the scene are typical for Van der Neer and his contemporaries, while the artist’s specific manipulation of twilight seeping through the clouds sets the work apart from other painters of his era.

The sensitive depiction of light in the night sky most inspired Alberto Reguera, in part because of the similarities to his own work. Reguera’s new series of paintings examines and connects directly to Van der Neer’s masterpiece, and the important painterly achievements of the Dutch painter’s generation.

While the Golden Age landscapes have been widely discussed and imitated over the past three centuries, it is Reguera’s particularly intense form of study and thoughtful application of style that has culminated in these highly personal works. Reguera’s own depictions of the sky—both day and night—inevitably differ from the Dutch master, as Reguera incorporates his own sensibilities and experiences.





Alberto Reguera

Night Glare

Mixed media on canvas


L. 61.6 cm x W. 91.5 cm x D. 7.5 cm

Collection of the artist





長61.6厘米 x 闊91.5厘米 x 深7.5厘米


The exhibition is the second collaboration between the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) and Alberto Reguera. While the first exhibition Blue Expansive Landscape (2015) was notable for the display of the painter’s two- and three-dimensional works, and his innovative way of painting beyond the canvas, Homage to Aert van der Neer is a similarly complex endeavour that has been achieved through a successful partnership with UMAG, Alberto Reguera and the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. We thank the director and colleagues from the Museo Nacional for this international cooperation and express our gratitude to the Hong Kong University Museum Society for its financial support.


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